Sanctuary is fully LGBTQ Inclusive.

In January 2016, we became fully LGBTQ inclusive which means that Sanctuary is a church community without any restrictions at any level for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.


Practically, this means the following:

> Pastors at Sanctuary will happily officiate weddings for gay or lesbian couples.

> Ordination at Sanctuary is open to any individual whom God calls regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

> LGBTQ members and attenders regularly serve in a variety of roles in the church including serving on the Financial Board, preaching, teaching in the Kids Wing, leading worship, and hosting small groups.

Hear more of our history on this podcast hosted by Rebecca Farlow, James Farlow, and Justin Lee.

More on Sanctuary’s approach and history:

Books on LGBTQ Inclusion and church

  • A Letter to My Congregation by Ken Wilson

  • Changing Our Mind by David Gushee

  • Sex and the Single Savior by Dale Martin

  • God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines

  • Bible, Gender, Sexuality by James Brownson

  • Sexuality in the New Testament by William Loader

  • Torn by Justin Lee

  • Sex Difference In Christian Theology by Megan DeFranza

  • Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality by Jack Rogers