For many in our faith community, supporting our church financially is one meaningful component of their on-going connection to God. Here’s a bit of information about how our church does finances, as well as information about how to give if you desire to do so.


While our expenditures go out in many directions—service efforts, ministry events, building expenses, salaries, bagels and coffee on Sunday mornings—our sole source of income is charitable contributions from individuals. We receive no income from a national organization, endowments, corporate entities, or any other type of business. We are completely dependent financially on folks who believe in our vision for church, and who value what we do enough to support our efforts with charitable giving. So if you already give, or are considering giving, thanks! We appreciate your support.


We implement secure procedures for handling and counting the weekly offerings. We have a financial advisory board that prepares an annual budget, regularly performs accounting reviews of church income and expenditures, and ensures that all financial matters are in line with church values and priorities. Finances are also regularly reviewed by an outside accounting firm.


Our finances are regularly reviewed by an outside accounting firm. We send out two giving letters across the course of the year to anyone who has made a financial contribution, and we publish an annual report that provides details of income and expenditures.

The Church Financial Board

The Church Financial Board functions as a financial oversight committee.  It makes decisions regarding all larger financial issues including annual budgets, staff salaries, hiring new staff, and building management.  Financial Board meetings happen once every quarter.  Board meeting notes are available upon request by emailing   The financial advisory board members are listed below and are all available for any questions you might have. You can email with any questions.

Sanctuary’s financial board

Sanctuary’s Financial Board (left to right)

  • Larry Meyer

  • Kim Leman

  • Paula Boback

  • Joe Hughes

  • Amy Boelk

  • Tom Wassink

  • Megan Roos

  • Adey Wassink

  • Nadine Petty

How to give

1) Personal checks or cash on Sunday mornings.

2) Automatic bank account transfers - contact our bookkeeper Amy Boelk ( to set this up.

3) PayPal (see link above)

All donations are tax deductible.  Thank you!