At Sanctuary, we develop our Kids ministry around 3 core values: EMPATHY, INCLUSION, & WONDER

We strive to create a safe and fun environment in which our children can learn about Jesus’ love in the context of a loving church community.

And we have a lot of kids! On any given Sunday morning, 25-30% of the people in attendance are tweens or younger. We aim to make the time they spend with us some of the most meaningful, spiritually enriching time of their week.  

What to Expect

Classrooms are located in the Kids' Wing which is connected to the main foyer and opens 10 minutes before the service.  Families check in at our greeter’s station computers.  We use KidCheck as a secure children's check-in system.  

  • You can make an account for your family ahead of time at at home, or make an account using one of the computers at our check-in stations on Sunday morning.

  • Parents or guardians are given stickers with an ID number that matches each child's ID for that Sunday. All adults must have a sticker to enter the Kids' Wing.

  • We'll then show you to your child’s classroom.

  • If your child needs you during the service, you’ll receive a text message to notify you.

  • After communion, come check your child out of their classroom. Teachers will ensure your ID number matches your child's number.


Nursery: 6 weeks to 1 year old (or walking)

Staffed with volunteers and workers who love to entertain the youngest members of our community for the entire service (including worship).

Toddlers: Walking to 2.5years

Stocked with fun, safe toys and soon-to-be-tired volunteers. In this room your toddler might listen to stories, sing songs, make simple art, and socialize with new and old friends.  Our Toddler Room is staffed for the entire service (including worship).

Early Childhood: 2.5 to 4 years old

Our Early Preschool classroom begins class with circle time, where we introduce ourselves and get to know each other a little bit.  We'll read a short story together and follow up with art and game activities.  We usually share a snack together (please let us know of allergies), and always make time to play.  

Preschool: 4 years old until entering Kindergarten

Preschool starts with circle time and a story. The kids then have activities like acting out the stories, singing songs, and making art. We always have time to play and usually share a snack together (please let us know of allergies). 

Elementary Room: Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Grade

Kids can play games and read books during arrival.  Then we gather for circle time to introduce ourselves and talk about whatever seems fun or important.  We'll pray together and then read a story book and talk about it.  Once we've figured out the Bible and solved the problems of life, we'll do art stations or play a game while waiting for parents to finish whatever it is they do in the sanctuary and come check us out.  

Tweens: 4th, 5th & 6th grade

We give our Tweens a safe space to get to know each other, talk about real issues in their lives, and pray together.   After sharing, we'll read a Bible story together.  We use different translations of the Bible, the Action Bible, story books, or our interactive stories to explore the story.  After we read the story we'll reflect on it with a prayer station, art materials or a game.  We'll also take on some fun service projects throughout the year.