aka The Holy Ghost

If God is a rock, his Spirit is the wind. If God is immovable, his Spirit is irresistible. If God is predictable and ordered, so that his invisible qualities can be clearly seen and understood from what he has made, his Spirit is inherently unconstrained and infinitely unpredictable. And if God, for whom a thousand years seems only a day, is slow to move, his Spirit is quick and burns with passion.

God's Spirit, his "Ghost," is fire, wind, and rain. He is a dove descending from heaven. Yet he is also a person, one of the three persons of God, distinct from but unified with God the Father and Jesus his son. He is that person of God whom Jesus, when he returned to heaven, sent to be with us so that we would not be alone as we build God's kingdom and await the consummation of all things. He communicates God's deepest thoughts and releases his limitless power to us here and now. He is a Teacher, a Counselor, a Friend, and a Protector.

We believe that God's Holy Spirit is alive today and interacts with us in tangible ways. It is the Presence of this Spirit that distinguishes us, that fills us with life, and that takes our ideas, values, and philosophies and makes them something transcendent. We believe that his Spirit can inform our thinking, giving us divine insight into ourselves and the world around us. We believe that his Spirit can illuminate the Bible, making it relevant to ourselves and the world around us. And we believe that he can touch and heal our physical infirmities and our broken hearts, and that he can speak to us to encourage us and direct our lives. It is, ultimately, the presence of his Spirit that distinguishes his church from all other people on the face of the earth.