join the party!   Become a member at Sanctuary.

  join the party!   Become a member at Sanctuary.


Jesus once told the story of a great banquet (Luke 14:15-24), comparing the Kingdom of God to a big party.  We believe that our church exists to fully embody the reality of that big party and to invite as many people as possible to join us.  Membership in Sanctuary Community Church (SCC) is an opportunity to make a commitment to this specific community and to hosting that party.  Through membership, we take a step from being a “guest at the party” to becoming people who help make it all happen.  We commit to the church’s good and the good of all the individuals in it.  And we commit our time, energy, gifts, and money to the vision and values of this church.

Membership Eligibility for SCC

To become a member of Sanctuary Community Church, a person shall meet all of the following requirements:

  • Attend SCC regularly for 3 months
  • Baptism (from any church tradition)
  • Completion of the membership class
  • Agree to the bylaws and membership commitment

Membership Commitment

I commit myself to God and to the other members of Sanctuary Community Church to do the following:

1.  I will attend Jesus’ party

  • By listening for and responding to invitations from Jesus
  • By treating other guests at the party well
    • Through loving and respecting others
    • Through pursuing conflict resolution and reconciliation
  • By simply being there
    • Through regular attendance on Sundays
    • Through participation in a small group

2.  I will invite others to the party

  • By praying for my non-churchgoing friends
  • By praying for the wellbeing of our church
  • By inviting my non-churchgoing friends

3.  I will co-host the party

  • By warmly welcoming people who visit
  • By serving regularly on a Sunday Team (e.g. Kids ministry, worship, set-up)
  • By regular and generous financial giving