Check out our fantastic small groups for Fall 2018!

Small groups are at the very heart of our community. These groups offer a place to belong, be known and to grow. We hope you'll check out one (or more!) of these groups this fall. 

Feel free to reach out to any of the group leaders directly (listed below) for more information. Groups will begin meeting in September. 

If you'd like help figuring out which group might be a good fit for you, email Beth Faga at

Fall 2018 Small Groups


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Back 40+

Food, fun and conversation for those over the age of 40

Meets once/month

Hosted by Connie & Mike Prusha. Contact Phyllis Martin at to be added to email list




Getting to Know the Bible

We’ll talk about the history of Jesus’s people and their relationship with God

We’ll look at Old Testament literature, the Gospels and other New Testament books

Group will meet weekly on Monday evenings at 7:00pm

Led by Paul McRoberts,




Hello Holy Spirit!

This 6-week group will discuss who the Holy Spirit is, what the Holy Spirit does, and how you can interact with the HS yourself.

Jesus called the Holy Spirit The Advocate, Counselor, and Helper. And, indeed, the Holy Spirit is a wild, wonderful, and most helpful part of following Jesus.

We’ll engage in hands-on activities like praying for one another and listening for what the Holy Spirit says -- hopefully having fun along the way!

Group meets on Tuesdays, 7 - 8:30 pm, September 4th - October 9th

Led by AJ Leman,




Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image

This group is for anyone who is a mom or has a mom; is a daughter or has a daughter.

We will talk about loving yourself, giving yourself grace, and how to navigate the important (and sometimes challenging) relationship between mother and daughter.

Join us every other Thursday from 7-8:30, Sept 13-Nov 22, as we discuss Hillary McBride’s book, “Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image.”

Led by Alex Schmidt,




Proverbs Women's Bible Study

6-8 week study of the book of Proverbs, meets Monday mornings 9-10:30 at the church

Explore what the Bible says about wisdom, considering the life lessons and “words to live by”

We’ll discuss how relevant these words are still today and will interact with the text through sharing, journaling, and searching for common themes and insights.

Led by Becky Schaffner,




The Quest for the Best Pizza!

Do you like pizza? Enjoy sharing a meal with others? Join us in the quest for the best pizza in the Corridor!

We’ll visit Pagliai’s in Iowa City, Zoey’s in Marion, and more

Five Thursdays --Sept 13, Sept 27, Oct 11, Oct 25 and Nov 8

Hosted by Jean Brenneman,


Sacred Practices and Intimate Experiences with God


We'll read the book "The Eternal Current" by Aaron Niequist and use it as a jumping off point for creating contemplative space in our lives and experiencing God through "practice-based faith". 

Meets every other week, over the lunch hour on Wednesdays, Sept 5 through Nov 14.

Led by Ellie Alberhasky,





"Seeing White" Podcast Discussion

We'll discuss the “Seeing White” podcast, hosted by John Biewen and Dr. Chenjerai Kumanyika

This podcast reveals myths around race and examines what it means to be white.

Will likely meet on Monday evenings at 7:00

Led by Adey Wassink,




"So You Want to Talk About Race" Book Study

We will discuss the book: ‘So You Want to Talk About Race’ by Ijeoma Oluo.  

We’ll meet six times, every other Tuesday at 7:00, beginning Sept 11.

Here’s a sampling of the chapters: ‘Is it really about race?’; ‘What is intersectionality and why do I need it?’; ‘What are microaggressions?’; ‘What is cultural appropriation?’

Led by Lori Smith,




"Solus Jesus" Book Group

Read and discuss sections of the new book Solus Jesus by Blue Ocean pastors Emily Swan and Ken Wilson

Meets every other Wed night, 7-8:30pm, starting September 26

Led by Chris McMillan and David Borger Germann, 




Young Adults Social Gatherings

Interested in spending time with other young adults from our community? Are you between the ages of 21 and 30?

Join us for a once a month social gathering, standing day TBD

Events are drop-in and low-key, including things like potlucks, movie night, happy hour, hiking, etc.

Hosted by Meghan Bullard,, and Annie Lindsley,