Hands On Faith (HOF) is part of our DNA. Our events and other activities help us put our faith into action in concrete ways.  If you are ready to get involved, skip to our Volunteer Form and sign up! At the bottom of the page we also have a list of other community volunteer opportunities.

HOF NOW - current needs, opportunities, and other information:

- The Mtendji family needs a mop, broom, cleaning supplies, and a lawnmower. Contact Jacki or Doug Marquardt
- The Mtendji family needs a lawnmower. Contact Jacki or Doug Marquardt
- The Mtendji family needs cabinets or cupboards for storage. Contact Jacki or Doug Marquardt

- CASH (Central After School Homework Club) needs buddies to help on Mondays, 3-4 pm. Contact Becca Bender
- The Mtendji children need reading buddies (timing can be flexible). Contact Jacki or Doug Marquardt
- Undji Mtendji needs help learning office computer skills (timing can be flexible). Contact Jacki or Doug Marquardt
- Gracia Mtendi (6th grader) needs rides to spring soccer practice from southeast Iowa City. Contact Jacki or Doug Marquardt

What else
- The Social Justice group will be setting up a justice book and podcast bookshelf. They are looking for recommendations and donations. Contact Nick Miller

Our ongoing projects and events:



Operation Backpack
- Provides a bag of food each Friday throughout the school year to Coralville Central Elementary students in need
- Opportunities to deliver food on Fridays, get food from the food reservoir monthly, or help coordinate the program
- Contact for more information: Judy McRoberts

We Can Help
- Congregational resource network to help people with small projects in or around their home
- Each short project pairs volunteers with a family that needs help with a project
- Opportunities to help at a time that works for you
For more Information, contact Joe Parrish

 IC compassion wednesday meal

IC compassion wednesday meal

IC Compassion
- Ongoing support for an excellent local immigrant/refugee services organization with a wide variety of programs
- Opportunities include: helping with child care, serving meals, tutoring, family to family relationships, etc.
- Times are mostly scheduled individually with choices of weekdays, weeknights, and Saturdays
For more information, contact Brady Sones or Nick Miller

Refugee family
- Work with a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo to help them adjust to living in our community
- Opportunities include: ESL tutoring, transportation, help with connecting to community resources, donations of furniture, clothing, TV, etc.
- Times scheduled individually with choices of weekdays, weeknights, and Saturdays
For more information, contact Jacki or Doug Marquardt 


When your church comes, it feels like a community.

Hope Lodge Evening
- A chance to meet and get to know patients and families undergoing cancer treatment
- Scheduled yearly winter event
- Opportunities to cook, talk, and play games
- Great family activity
For more information, contact Mim Winn

 Keep learning night

Keep learning night


Coralville Central Keep Learning Night
- Provides supper to families who are learning how to sustain their children’s learning through the summer
- Yearly May event
- Opportunities to cook, serve, or help with child care
For more information, contact Judy McRoberts

Helping with the Habitat build was one of the first things I volunteered to do within the church. Everyone was very friendly, and willing to work hard, and the day was a success.



Habitat Build Day
- Work with our local Habitat chapter on one of the houses they are building
- Yearly July event, with morning and afternoon options
- Opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers
- Youth welcome with some restrictions
For more information, contact Judy McRoberts


HOF Sunday
- A time to celebrate our HOF ministries and do a fun activity
- Yearly September all church event with a guest speaker from a local organization
- Opportunity to help bag TP for Crisis Center
For more information, contact Judy McRoberts

 gifts for parents

gifts for parents




Gifts For Parents
- A chance to help children in need pick holiday gifts for significant adults in their lives
- Yearly event on the first Saturday in December
- Opportunities to work for 3 hours as escorts, wrappers, greeters, and several behind the scenes tasks
- Sponsored by Consultation for Religious Communities
For more information, contact Judy McRoberts


If you want to be part of one of these great Hands on Faith activities, please sign up on our Volunteer Form.

If you want more information on activities or have a suggestion for something we should add, contact Judy McRoberts.

Community volunteer opportunities

Below is a list of opportunities that people in our church are involved in. In most cases there are a variety of opportunities for volunteers, with lots of options for amount of time and time of day.  Most have a link for more information (just click the name), but if you have any questions or want to suggest a project to include, feel free to email Judy McRoberts.

Coralville Community Food Pantry : Help families meet their food needs

Coralville Summer Lunch : Help provide food and activities for local children, noon hours through the summer

Johnson County Affordable Housing Coalition: Brings individuals and groups together to increase access to affordable housing for low-income people

North LIberty Community Pantry : Help families meet their food and clothing needs