We’re a community that makes space for every race, ethnicity, age, orientation, and gender identity. We welcome belief and doubt, devotion and exploration, while hoping to connect with God, one another, and our world as we do life together.
— our introductory statement every Sunday at Sanctuary

Sunday Service Information  


Sunday Service Times:  10:00 AM



2205 East Grantview Drive, Coralville
Near I-80 exit 242, parking in an upper and lower lot.


Style: Casual
No tuxedos. Or at least know you'll stand out.

Food: Yes
Free coffee, OJ, bagels and cream cheese.

Opening Songs
One or two to coax people from cheating (chatting + eating) in the foyer into the sanctuary.

Announcements, etc. for about 5 minutes
We have to. Sorry.

Message, homily, sermon, teaching, preaching, speeching for about 30 minutes
Call it what you will, our intent is to present our best understanding of God's thoughts and feelings about issues and truths that are relevant for us today from the perspective of Jesus and the Bible, and to offer suggestions about how to implement what we learn in practical ways.

A simple ceremony through which we remember Jesus and connect with him. We welcome all who desire this connection to join us. 

Time for prayer
If you felt stirred by God, or came wanting prayer for something, we have people available in the foyer to pray with you. The prayer is usually low key and brief—though it doesn't have to be—giving you a moment to state to God what's going on and God a moment to communicate something back.

Worship for about 20 minutes
Worship is the celebration part of our service. We sing songs together, read Bible poetry, and pray as a way of communally interacting with God. We believe he's present and listening, and that his active involvement in our lives is something to be excited about. We sing songs from a full range of styles-contemporary, rock, hymns, gospel-that capture a full range of sentiments, and you're free to sit back and watch or join right in.