Ministry Staff

Beth Faga, Ministry Coordinator

Beth, her husband Larry, and their four children have been a part of Sanctuary for over fifteen years.  Beth has served in a number of ministry and leadership roles over those years.  And in May, 2017, Beth joined the church staff as a part-time ministry coordinator.  As a part of this role, Beth will coordinate church events, help organize small groups, and assist with many other ministry needs.  


Amy and Heath Hospodarsky, Worship Directors    

Hospodarskys cropped.jpg

When Amy and Heath aren't busy at their full-time jobs, they're rocking out at the church on Sundays.  Curating compelling songs that give voice to our rather particular sensibilities is not easy, but Amy and Heath are up for the challenge.  They're also utilizing professional-quality volunteer musicians.  #DoNotFeedTheDrummer

James Tutson, Adjunct Sunday Preacher

Part time Young Life staff, part time singer-writer, James is often on the go. James joins Sanctuary's Sunday preaching rotation about once a quarter, and he also leads musical worship occasionally. You can check out some of his music here.

Amy Boelk, Jr. High Class Director

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Amy has been working with youth since 2011.  She's passionate about helping tweens and teens explore faith while navigating the some of life's toughest issues and questions.  Also, she's a pro at Minute To Win It games.  Email her at

Administrative Staff

Phyllis 2016.jpg

Phyllis Martin, Administrative Assistant    

Phyllis helps with day-to-day very necessary church stuff—maintaining calendars, staying on top of schedules, reserving meeting sites, sending out e-mails and reminders, and helping with Sunday morning organization. 

Amy Boelk, Bookkeeper 

Amy keeps our books in line, serves as the financial liaison to our Board, and generally keeps us all in a good mood. And when she can’t do it alone she brings chocolate. Or donuts.

Dana Lehmann, Communications Assistant & Kids Ministry Assistant

Dana wears two hats:  communications and kids ministry.  That means she knows more about what's happening in the church than just about anyone.  


Ashley Lindley, Sunday Coordinator

Ashley ensures that the Sunday morning coffee is hot and strong, and that the bagels are plentiful.  She also helps schedule a few of our Sunday morning volunteer roles:  greeting, setup, and prayer ministry.