1. INCLUDING THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY:  We began 2016 by announcing full inclusion for LGBTQ people.  For more background on that decision and our church's history, you can read our summary letter here.  And you can listen to Senior Pastor Adey Wassink's message here.

our kids wings was really crowded in 2016.

our kids wings was really crowded in 2016.

2. INCLUDING EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO COME:  We launched a second Sunday morning service to accommodate our growing community's needs (especially in the Kids Wing!).  We now have over 500 people who call Sanctuary their church home.  

3. INCLUDING NATIONAL BLUE OCEAN PARTNERS:  We hosted a national Blue Ocean Faith summit.  Leaders from around the country gathered at Sanctuary for two days of great talks and visionary dreaming for what Blue Ocean may become.  Blue Ocean Faith Ann Arbor's co-lead pastor Emily Swan brought the house down with a talk you can listen to here

4. INCLUDING MORE SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES & GIVING:  Every year our church budget includes giving away at least 10% of our income to other organizations, many of them local nonprofits like DVIP, Crisis Center, and Shelter House.  (For full financial information, see below.)  We expanded our efforts to include Operation Backpack that partners with Coralville Central Elementary to assist food-insecure families.  Sanctuary was also featured in the Press Citizen for our annual $10K Giveaway which you can read about here

5. INCLUDING UNDERGRADS:  We helped launch a new undergraduate student ministry at the University of Iowa called Love Works.  Check out our promo video here

6. INCLUDING JESUS AND THE JOY HE OFFERS:  At the heart of Sanctuary is a passionate pursuit of encountering Jesus and a steadfast commitment to helping make an experience of God's goodness accessible to everyone.  Everything we do - from eating bagels in foyer and volunteering in the Kids Wing to singing & dancing in the Sanctuary and serving beyond the church walls - is in pursuit of Jesus and the joy he offers.  These are challenging times.  But we press on, holding onto hope.  We have tasted and seen Jesus' radical inclusion and love, and there's no turning back.  

2016 Expenses


2016 Income: $472,629

Total Operating Expense 2016:  $441,862 (up from $425,747 in 2015)

2016 Net Gain:  $30,767

Cash assets at end of 2016:  $120,809